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Kaba Modern Workshop

Hey all,

So Mike Song and Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern are coming to Chicago to teach a workshop. If you don’t know who they are, you’ve been sleeping these past few years. They were one of the top crews on the first season of ABDC, and have led Kaba Modern to numerous championships including VIBE, Prelude, and Body Rock.

The facebook event is here:

Don’t buy tickets just yet, I’m gonna see if we can get group pricing just like the SoReal Workshop. But IF YOU ARE COMING, YOU NEED TO TELL ME. E-mail, text, or anything, so that I have a headcount.

Ok, there’s the details. Here are some of my favorite vids.

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Breakin, battle time

To all bboys and bgirls,

There will be two large breaking events coming up in the next few weeks, so anyone who plans to come out should schedule accordingly.


The event will be on saturday, January 9 at 4-10 pm while the battle will start at 6 pm

The location is at 310 N. Ottawa st. Joliet, IL 60432

It is $10 for admission and $13 if you bring a camera

For more info, check out bboyworld:

The battle line-up is pretty incredible.  I don’t think we can enter the battle at this point, but there will be a lot of hot cyphers.


The event will be on friday, January 29 at 10 pm-2 am

The location is at HUB Alumni Hall (Penn State University), University Park, PA 16802

Admission is Free; to enter the battle, we need to register before 10 pm that day or pre-register via facebook messaging one of the event admins

For more info, check out the facebook event:

The event is a little far, but some of the East Coast’s most incredible bboys will be entering the battle.  Also, there is an all-styles battle, so anyone going will definitely get to see diverse forms of dancing such as house, locking, popping, and more.

There will be rides going to the event and back.

Peace and love,


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Fall Urbanite!

“MJ FOREVER” A Tribute to Michael Jackson
Semi-Annual Dance Showcase + Party

Performances by…
ICON (This is Ian Eastwood’s I think cuz he goes by DjIcon)

Start Time:
Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 2:30am
Canopy Club
708 S. Goodwin Ave.
Champaign, IL

TICKETS: $10 in advance / $15 @ the door
Get your tickets NOW from any 2XS member
or online @
18+ to enter | 21+ to excess!!

FB event page:

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Hellaween Jam 10/24

Hey guys, some of us are thinking of going to Alternatives for the Hellaween jam this weekend (Saturday 10/24).  The entrance fee is 10$ (20$ with a camera) and this jam is the biggest in Chicago.  Battles ‘start’ at 6PM, meaning they’ll start around 7PM.

If you want to go contact me at and let me know if you are interested in entering the battle (3v3 for $1500!) or watching.

You can either come with us or take the el down to the location:

4730 N. Sheridan
Chicago IL. 60640

Good luck with midterms! 🙂

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RFH/Fusion Iowa Battle + Jukebox thoughts

This video sums up our entire trip pretty much.

EDIT:: See below the the videos for random thoughts about the trip.

The video you’ve all been waiting for! DopeSauce Crew!

Watch as Nick Kim tears  it up during the funk showcase.

I know for me, it was after battling that I was the most motivated to work on my skills. I think everyone who battled felt that way. First time battlers Josh and Joe, but they had a good opening as you can see. Made some friends through breaking, Chi town Crooks crew haha. Even Nick, who didn’t break, but hit up that funk styles showcase came back with a new love for popping and locking. I had a dream the next day after getting back that I was in a bboy battle haha. It was about 8 hours round trip, but it certainly didn’t feel that way (except for the butt cramps). That first video sums up our just messing around, talking, listening to dance music.

If you want to take your dancing to the next level, you’ll need to get off campus. Take classes, meet chicago crews, go battle, go to shows. If you’re shooting to be at the top of the NU level you won’t go far. I believe that this is something Matt tried to inspire in us when he was still a student. He saw something bigger and took ReFresH to new levels of dancing than there was in the past at NU. But he went to those classes and shows and then brought it back to NU. Same with Jason, since he’s been here, I’ve been to three battles with him (partner in 1) and in that time, I’ve seen my breaking go to new levels.

As for me, I recently took a house class because I’ve always wanted to try it out and now I’ve found something new that I love and want to pursue, but it never would have happened if I didn’t get off campus, out of what’s comfortable and usual. For some of you, the next steps will be doing show, choreographing a piece, for others it will be taking a class or auditioning for a group. If you never stretch yourself, your growth will be hindered, and of course it’s easier to do things together. That’s why RFH is here =). Seriously, rely on each other, if you see this jazz class that you want to take, be like “hey debbie, want to go take this class with me?” and then we’ll go and get owned together (“wait that rolling thing u just did… can u break it down?”). This pretty much applies to anything, but since this is a dance blog, let’s talk about dance.



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Red Bull BC One in NYC this year!

For those who don’t know, the red bull bc one is one of the biggest international bboying events. Controversy and anti-BOTY/BC-one sentiment aside, it’s certainly going to have some exceptional talent from all over the world. Last year’s winner was one of my personal favorite bboys, Ronnie (yes, of Super Cr3w on ABDC).

Anyhow, I’m thinking of putting together a group to go watch it. It is unfortunately on November 18th, which is a Wednesday, but for anyone who isn’t above being truant for a day and has the cash to travel to NYC for a day, respond in the comments below or hit me up. Tickets go on sale Oct. 9th, so you’ll have to make a commitment to travel by that day. Tickets to the event are $15 plus tax and fees. More info can be found here:

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Comin up: BBOY battle in Iowa Oct 3

Here’s the details,

What: It’s a 3v3 battle down in Iowa

When: October 3, leave around 2 pm get back around 2 am oct 4

Where: Iowa haha

Right now we have 5 people going, and with 1 more, we can have 2 teams. We’ll split the cost of gas, and if 6 people go, we’ll have to split the cost of a rental car and gas. If we somehow get 9 people, we’ll split it again.

Cost: 5 people (6$ each), 6 people (20$ each), 9 people (14$ about)


Links to Poster1 and Poster2

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RFH at Chicago Smart Battle

The Chicago Smart Battle took place yesterday at Smart Bar near Addison. Two of your very own Bboys went and represented ReFresH (under the name Dope Sauce Crew) among some of the biggest names in the Chicago area. Myself aka KCheung aka Bboy Jukebox and Jason Hwang aka Bboy Ntropy were pitted up in a 2v2 against Waka and Shorty of Brickheadz and Ak and Torsion of Chicago Tribe in a 3 crew battle.

Oh yeah, for those of you who don’t know Jason Hwang, he’s gonna be a first year Grad student at NU this year. A bunch of us have been chilling with him since he got here. He’s got mad style and is looking forward to meeting everyone else in the crew. He’s a pretty cool guy so look forward to meeting him too.

So anyway, here is an excerpt from a review of the battle:

* Battle #4 Was Quite A Treat;literally…dope Sauce Crew, Chicago Tribe#1(torsion And Ak) And Brickheadz #1(waka And Shorty)…dope Sauce Crew Was Pretty Good, But They Were Overshadowed By The Star Power In This Battle. Ak Was Flaring Away And Torsion Was Twisting Away…but The Ageless Waka Was Hoping From Limb To Limb And Shorty Was Well..shorty. Brickheadz Win

We got pretty destroyed in the battle, so it made me happy to hear that we at least got some props from some of the spectators. It was pretty obvious that Brickheadz and Chi tribe were ignoring us and going after each other, but I mean that wasn’t unexpected. I must say though, it was a humbling experience to go in with your all and still be ignored. Gotta step it up a notch to raise our levels. Personally, I don’t want to have to go through that again. All in all, a sick battle, good times, good dancing, and then Taco Bell afterwards.

UPDATE: On the left is Jason hitting his jumping thread to a rollback airchair. The only pic I found of me dancing was landing after an invert (I look like I’m bending over) so I just put this one of me standing on the side trying to intimidate my opponent.

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IL Breaks 2009!

What is up, bboys and bgirls.

Just wanted everyone to know that…



Internationally known bboys like Bboy Blonde (Leader of Extreme Crew from Korea – winner of BOTY 2007 – one of the world’s sickest powermovers) and Bboy Kid David (a sick style head from Renegades Crew in California – participant of Red Bull BC One 2006 and 2007).

They will be 2 of the 3 bboys judging the event/battles.

Not to mention…

There is also a chance that Bboy The End (my favorite powermover of all times) from the Korean Gamblerz Crew will be there (even though he injured his knee)!

This is a rare opportunity that you won’t wanna miss!  So far, only Chris Nho and I are for sure going.  SO TELL US IF YOU WANT TO COME!

Here is the Flyer: 2n22o3c

Also, invite yourselves to the facebook event here:

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