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CelebrAsia 2010 Update II: Middle Pieces Tutorial Vids

Hi all,

Here are the tutorial vids of the Down, Lovestoned and Tetris, move for move. Use these to prepare for next week’s auditions and practice hard. If you haven’t learned the other pieces yet or want more practice, it is your responsibility to contact the choroegraphers/arrange times to learn or clean. And if you haven’t signed up for auditions next Monday please do so ASAP!

Down (step through)

Lovestoned (step through)

Tetris Tutting (step through)

Tetris Iso (step through)

Here are the videos reshot so you don’t have to flip all the lefts/rights:

Down steps (in the mirror)

Let’s Just Be steps (in the mirror)

Lovestoned steps (in mirror)

Tetris Tutting (in mirror)

Tetris Iso/Botting (in mirror)

Again, auditions are Monday (1/25), so practice hard and see you then!

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Set building

Hey guys,

So with a lot of the founding members of refresh gone this past year, a lot of people are stepping up to take up creative and administrative responsibilities this upcoming ’09-’10 season. I’m real proud of where we’ve come these four years, and I’m looking forward to see what you guys can grow into this year.

Since a lot of people will be trying out new artistic roles, whether it be choreography, transitions, or creating a set from all it’s parts. I’ll be happy to give advice to anyone who wants to talk about it, but I’ll also keep being active on the blog. Like now. SoReal (who is from Texas, in case anyone forgot), recently competed in Body Rock, which is one of the biggest competitions in Cali. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from watching all the different crews competing in Body Rock, from The Camp to Choreocookies, Poreotics to Jabbawockeez. Obviously, this was a big milestone for SoReal, now that they’ve been on ABDC and have gotten their name out there. They had a lot to live up to, and prepared like crazy for it.

They posted a fantastic pair of videos on their youtube, documenting the development of their set from the first artistic thoughts to the last minute performance prep. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s gonna be dancing in a group this year, no matter where.

So without further ado, I present to you, SoReal Cru – The Home Team.

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What more can I say (flash)

To everyone who’s trying to learn What more Can I say? I made a flash program that maybe helpful. Basically, it can step frame by frame forward and backward and you can click on the squares to go to different parts of the song (I tried to get the beginning of each 8 count)

::EDIT:: I fixed it so it should all work now. Added keyboard functionality also.

Flash video

Hope this helps!

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Lockin’ Style Talk

A real cool discussion about the origins of lockin’ and the style in general. Shows a lot of basic moves, slightly different from Leo’s style too. Check it out for yourself! This video is real on-and-off on youtube, but hopefully this upload is to stay…

Lots of variations on the basics. There’s a typo in there somewhere, but it’s easy to catch. =)

*Just noticed that he’s wearing the same thing in both vids…dude needs to shower. Second thought, me too.

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Waving Video

Hi guys,

Here’s a really nice tutorial on arm waves and body waves (I actually learned most of my technique and tips from this guy). Practice hard! 😛

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Popping Tutorialzzz

Haroo ReFresH,

I already tried to do this on the Facebook group, but that epic failed (lol). I want to start a tutorial section on the blog, with a bunch of reference videos for different styles to help people get started. Here are the first videos that I ever watched that taught me the fundamentals of popping. Enjoy 🙂

– Nick

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Reference Check


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