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Rhythm vs. Musicality

Even though I know that nobody really reads the RFH blog anymore, I thought I’d post this anyway for any dancer who comes across this by chance. Lately I’ve been reading up on popping/dance forums on arguments about the art of dance, and what makes it so special. I came across this video that really gave me some perspective in terms of my approach to the music. I hope anybody who reads this post can learn from it as I did.

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6-2-2010 Taeyang Night

Here’s a little slideshow/montage video of our Taeyang Night event that I made for you guys. Enjoy!

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RFH Vlog: The HK Factor

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Protected: KASA Show choreo vids (counts)

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Nuff said.

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CelebrAsia 2010 Update II: Middle Pieces Tutorial Vids

Hi all,

Here are the tutorial vids of the Down, Lovestoned and Tetris, move for move. Use these to prepare for next week’s auditions and practice hard. If you haven’t learned the other pieces yet or want more practice, it is your responsibility to contact the choroegraphers/arrange times to learn or clean. And if you haven’t signed up for auditions next Monday please do so ASAP!

Down (step through)

Lovestoned (step through)

Tetris Tutting (step through)

Tetris Iso (step through)

Here are the videos reshot so you don’t have to flip all the lefts/rights:

Down steps (in the mirror)

Let’s Just Be steps (in the mirror)

Lovestoned steps (in mirror)

Tetris Tutting (in mirror)

Tetris Iso/Botting (in mirror)

Again, auditions are Monday (1/25), so practice hard and see you then!

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Bboy Knowledge

I can’t remember how exactly I found this, but somehow I came across this really awesome blog on bboying. There are some legit contributors to this blog, such as Alien Ness, Ken Swift just to name a few. It’s really informative, insightful and it’ll give you some perspective on how breaking has evolved so much and how people view it nowadays. Check it out!

Bboy Knowledge Blog

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LXD [The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers] & Madd Chadd

Jon M. Chu, the director of Step Up 2 has been doing this project called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers aka LXD, where he creates the “most elite dance crew ever assembled”. He gathers great dancers of all types of styles: breaking, popping, botting, ballet etc. and combines them into one crew, LXD. He has made 2 teaser trailers, leading to this epic online dance adventure that will be released in the near future.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Recently, they performed on So You Think You Can Dance:

These guys are reaaally legit, and totally inspiring. I just showed DWu the second trailer and he was impressed by this popper/botter named Madd Chadd, one of THE BEST robotters I’ve seen in my LIFE! Go back to trailer 2 and look at 0:26 and you’ll see exactly what I mean. At first glance, DWu thought it was completely CGI and he didn’t believe me when I said it was a real person, Madd Chadd. He’s been a huge inspiration towards my botting skills ever since I first saw him a while back.

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Protected: Choreographer’s Showcase 11-4-09

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NBC covered Eberhard’s show today at 11 AM and you can see a glimpse of us in this video!!!

ReFresH on NBC Chicago!!

Check it at 0:55!!!!!!

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