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RIP Greg Campbell Lock Jr

Greg Campbell Lock Jr was one of the pioneers of the form of street dance called locking–a primary dance style of the funk style movement.  He passed away last thursday, January 28, 2010.  For anyone deeply involved in ANY form of street dance style, you have an obligation to educate yourself on the history of that dance culture as well as a responsibility to respect and learn from the culture’s OGs and founding fathers.

These dancers sacrificed everything laying down the very foundation of the style of dancing we enjoy today, and the least we could do to pay them back is to respect what they have to say and document their accomplishments.  The OG generation is slowly passing on.  If we don’t properly document their teachings, the true foundations of the dance will die with them.

As bboy Born said, “foundation is important, not just for bboying or dancing, but for everything in life.  Without foundation, we have no starting point.  We are limited by the level of our basics and foundation.  Without foundation, you cannot take the next step.  You have to understand the foundation to have your own future.”

By laying down the foundation, the OGs gave us a future in dance.

All in all, to be part of a culture is to learn its history and celebrate the traditions that have kept it alive.  It’s the same as being an American and learning about George Washington and celebrating the fourth of July.

So let’s all take time to celebrate Greg Campbell Lock Jr’s accomplishments.

Here is an article on the history of Locking.

Peace and love,



Here is a bomb ass interview of another legend by the name of Don “Campbellock” Campbell that’s still around today(thank you Ntropy).  He is another original pioneer of locking.  He speaks sooo much truth and knowledge in this interview.  It’s a MUST SEE!


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