ReFresH Dance

In light of the Tetris theme…

🙂 enjoy!


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CelebrAsia 2010 Update II: Middle Pieces Tutorial Vids

Hi all,

Here are the tutorial vids of the Down, Lovestoned and Tetris, move for move. Use these to prepare for next week’s auditions and practice hard. If you haven’t learned the other pieces yet or want more practice, it is your responsibility to contact the choroegraphers/arrange times to learn or clean. And if you haven’t signed up for auditions next Monday please do so ASAP!

Down (step through)

Lovestoned (step through)

Tetris Tutting (step through)

Tetris Iso (step through)

Here are the videos reshot so you don’t have to flip all the lefts/rights:

Down steps (in the mirror)

Let’s Just Be steps (in the mirror)

Lovestoned steps (in mirror)

Tetris Tutting (in mirror)

Tetris Iso/Botting (in mirror)

Again, auditions are Monday (1/25), so practice hard and see you then!

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So if you’ve been wondering about the spelling, me too. For those of you who know what it is, I found these awesome videos on youtube so check em out. You would also know that references and videos on whaackin are rarer than plutonium and historical info is about as abundant as the Pokedex entry on Mew. 😦

For those who don’t, whaackin is a style of dance that came into prominence around the 70s in predominantly gay club scene. It draws from modern jazz and funk and soul and ballet to name a few. It also has distinct elements of vogueing and locking as well. It’s quite a flamboyant style so anyone who has to confidence to do it, more props to you! I’ve personally have tried and failed a couple of times at it. Anyways, it’s better if you see it firsthand!

This is a short little demo from BBC that kind of breaks down some of the basics. Anyone know of a way around the region block they put up on their videos? Cuz it seems like they have some pretty sick guides/demos on their bbc blast website but are just too pompous to let everyone see.

This is a short solo of whaackin!

If anyone has any more info on it/nice videos, it would be much appreciated 😀 😀

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Breakin, battle time

To all bboys and bgirls,

There will be two large breaking events coming up in the next few weeks, so anyone who plans to come out should schedule accordingly.


The event will be on saturday, January 9 at 4-10 pm while the battle will start at 6 pm

The location is at 310 N. Ottawa st. Joliet, IL 60432

It is $10 for admission and $13 if you bring a camera

For more info, check out bboyworld:

The battle line-up is pretty incredible.  I don’t think we can enter the battle at this point, but there will be a lot of hot cyphers.


The event will be on friday, January 29 at 10 pm-2 am

The location is at HUB Alumni Hall (Penn State University), University Park, PA 16802

Admission is Free; to enter the battle, we need to register before 10 pm that day or pre-register via facebook messaging one of the event admins

For more info, check out the facebook event:

The event is a little far, but some of the East Coast’s most incredible bboys will be entering the battle.  Also, there is an all-styles battle, so anyone going will definitely get to see diverse forms of dancing such as house, locking, popping, and more.

There will be rides going to the event and back.

Peace and love,


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