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Mr. Wiggles on Hip Hop and Bboying

Wiggles is a proud member of three major forces in HIP HOP and Funk Styles culture “Rock Steady Crew”, the “Electric Boogaloos” and “Zulu Nation”. Mr Wiggles started his career as a dancer by battling throughout the tuff streets of New York city, and eventually throughout the world. [taken from his website]

Mr. Wiggles is legendary in the popping and hip hop scene. He’s like what Crazy legs is to breaking and Don Campbelock is to locking. Basically, one of the greatest originators and innovators on the scene.

On foundation:

  • Hip hop has a foundation, be it party dance style… also top rocking, rockin, breakin, these are all hip hop dance styles, if you’re gonna call yourself a hip hop dancer you have to learn those styles. You can’t just come out and do all the abstract music video stuff and call yourself a hip hop dancer don’t work that way, you gotta learn the foundation
  • to complete your education of hip hop, you gotta get served on the dance floor if you haven’t battled, got blasted and blasted other people and paid dues in the cyphers… you’re no where near being a hip hop dancer yet. The education is not just in the studios, it’s in the streets it’s in the clubs its in the jams.

On Bboying

  • What messes the bboy scene up a lot is kinda like the backpack bboys that show up to a jam only to show off.
  • You gotta remember this whole party scene is a social scene so you go to socialize… hip hop scene is a social scene

On Hip Hop

  • [afrika] bambaataa created this term hip hop which makes sense, because we’re all tryin to be hip and the word hop is another word for party… so a hip, a cool jam, that’s what we’re talkin about.

Mr. Wigs tearing it up.


December 2, 2009 - Posted by | Other


  1. Definitely a really insightful interview. The guy’s literally like a walking, talking, hip-hop encyclopedia. I know a lot of you guys mainly know Mr. Wiggles as a ridiculous popper, but his bboying was arguably just as innovative as his popping. Just shows that it’s definitely possible to be strong in more than just one dance style.

    Comment by joefasho | December 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. yeah I just found out he bboys also and I was like Whaaaaaat!?!? haha

    Comment by dreamstatecheung | December 2, 2009 | Reply

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