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Dancing in NJ

I just took a class at Icon Dance complex in NJ with Geo Hubela! I was actually able to keep up to some extent haha. If you find yourself in a place other than Chi these next few weeks, take the opportunity to check out the dancing scene.

Many blessings to you all this holiday season!

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Bboy Knowledge

I can’t remember how exactly I found this, but somehow I came across this really awesome blog on bboying. There are some legit contributors to this blog, such as Alien Ness, Ken Swift just to name a few. It’s really informative, insightful and it’ll give you some perspective on how breaking has evolved so much and how people view it nowadays. Check it out!

Bboy Knowledge Blog

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World’s first recorded Headspin!

Sup ReFresH.  It’s been a while since I posted here, so thought I’d put something up.  Thank you all for showing me love on my birthday.  =)

Here are a few clips of one of my biggest inspiration’s: bboy Ynot from Rock Steady Crew.  Lady’s and gents–now this is how you toprock.  Also notice his nasty musicality.

Also, check out Bboy Alien Ness–president of Mighty Zulu Kings.  Stylistically, my favorite bboy–even though he doesn’t break as much anymore because of health reasons.  He’s been breakin for over 27 years, so his sense of flow is just ridiculous.

Also, here is the world’s first recorded headspin.  The video was recorded by Thomas Edison in 1898.  Notice, he almost looks like he’s practicing a set.


Remember bboys and bgirls, breaking is first and foremost an attitude.  The most important thing is to have character.  As bboy Poe One (MZK, Style Elements, Rock So Fresh) once said, you can teach anyone all the foundational moves and steps in breaking, but what reaaally makes it breaking is having that bboy attitude.  Haha, this is after he spent 4 months trying to teach ballet dancers how to break, but what he noticed was that while they all knew how to do the moves, they couldn’t do it with that bboy character.  They were all doing it like ballet dancers.  And I think that honestly is the essence of breaking.  Kinda like House, it’s really a feeling. =)

Hope that helps guys.  Do your best, and don’t get discouraged or frustrated if you’re not feelin it.  Just have fun and be yourself.  Be confident and comfortable.  That’s the best way to improve.  =)

Hope that helps.

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LXD [The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers] & Madd Chadd

Jon M. Chu, the director of Step Up 2 has been doing this project called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers aka LXD, where he creates the “most elite dance crew ever assembled”. He gathers great dancers of all types of styles: breaking, popping, botting, ballet etc. and combines them into one crew, LXD. He has made 2 teaser trailers, leading to this epic online dance adventure that will be released in the near future.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Recently, they performed on So You Think You Can Dance:

These guys are reaaally legit, and totally inspiring. I just showed DWu the second trailer and he was impressed by this popper/botter named Madd Chadd, one of THE BEST robotters I’ve seen in my LIFE! Go back to trailer 2 and look at 0:26 and you’ll see exactly what I mean. At first glance, DWu thought it was completely CGI and he didn’t believe me when I said it was a real person, Madd Chadd. He’s been a huge inspiration towards my botting skills ever since I first saw him a while back.

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Celebrasia 2010 Video Update!

Here are the videos so you have them and also so you can see which ones you like and want to learn. Also so you have a good idea of what they look like. We’ll be auditioning people based on the opening (pokemon) and the closing (whatcha say) so make sure you learn those!

::Important Note::

For those who are watching the videos of our pieces for the Celebrasia set on the blog, please try and not to show them off to your friends, especially those who are not a part of ReFresH, at least not yet .I know that you guys really want to show how AWESOME we are, but let’s respect the choreographers and try to keep our set a ‘surprise’ until the show. Even more of a reason for your friends to come to Celebrasia! I’m sure that most choreographers would agree in that they don’t want people coming to Celebrasia already knowing what our pieces and our set looks like. Thanks for understanding guys

we want to start auditions for opening and closing the first Saturday we come back from break

Pokemon (step through)

Pokemon (music)

Let’s just be (clean)




Whatcha say (step through)

Whatcha say (music)

Download the Music to the pieces by clicking HERE!!!

For those of you who want to know what the “power that’s inside” from Pokemon is about. Skip to 0:32

Bonus Sneak Preview: Click Click Click

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Mr. Wiggles on Hip Hop and Bboying

Wiggles is a proud member of three major forces in HIP HOP and Funk Styles culture “Rock Steady Crew”, the “Electric Boogaloos” and “Zulu Nation”. Mr Wiggles started his career as a dancer by battling throughout the tuff streets of New York city, and eventually throughout the world. [taken from his website]

Mr. Wiggles is legendary in the popping and hip hop scene. He’s like what Crazy legs is to breaking and Don Campbelock is to locking. Basically, one of the greatest originators and innovators on the scene.

On foundation:

  • Hip hop has a foundation, be it party dance style… also top rocking, rockin, breakin, these are all hip hop dance styles, if you’re gonna call yourself a hip hop dancer you have to learn those styles. You can’t just come out and do all the abstract music video stuff and call yourself a hip hop dancer don’t work that way, you gotta learn the foundation
  • to complete your education of hip hop, you gotta get served on the dance floor if you haven’t battled, got blasted and blasted other people and paid dues in the cyphers… you’re no where near being a hip hop dancer yet. The education is not just in the studios, it’s in the streets it’s in the clubs its in the jams.

On Bboying

  • What messes the bboy scene up a lot is kinda like the backpack bboys that show up to a jam only to show off.
  • You gotta remember this whole party scene is a social scene so you go to socialize… hip hop scene is a social scene

On Hip Hop

  • [afrika] bambaataa created this term hip hop which makes sense, because we’re all tryin to be hip and the word hop is another word for party… so a hip, a cool jam, that’s what we’re talkin about.

Mr. Wigs tearing it up.

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