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So earlier today, a couple of us went to Willard to give a little workshop and a freestyle session for the freshmen to show what ReFresH is about, kinda like last year when Alan was a CA there. Unfortunately, they were on a tight schedule and could only do a session for about half an hour or so, so pretty much each of us, as in myself, Dwu, Jason, Kevin, Chris Nho, Joe Kim, Sam Jang and Han got to freestyle only once, some of us were lucky enough to dance twice, and then gave a very very brief workshop on how to break and pop. It was all good, got lots of people who were impressed with us, and hopefully we’ll get some new members.

Afterwards, Chris thought it was too short and randomly says, “Hey, session at the arch. Now.” He grabs his battery powered speakers and we head out to the dimly lit arch, and had a ridiculous session for an hour. LEGIT. We had crowds of people going, “Dude, that so sick.” Sometimes it got too loud, a cop car drove up to us to keep it down! I have to say that I always wanted to dance in front of the arch. But what made it epic was that it was at 12 AM!! Yeah, that’s right. We’re just that awesome.

Sure we had haters shouting random shit at us from passing cars, but screw those guys. They’re just jealous they can’t do half the stuff we can. We even had random people come up and do stuff for 2 seconds! I’d have to say that tonight was a pretty frickin’ epic night for ReFresH, and hopefully it’ll attract some new members. I’d definitely love to do this again sometime! I’m already excited for the new year!


September 17, 2009 - Posted by | On-Campus Events


  1. To give props where they’re due, Joe also was saying we should go out and dance somewhere. In addition, I had called Jason last week randomly and was like “hey we should get together and dance in the street sometime.” haha. It seems like everyone had the same thing on their minds.

    Comment by dreamstatecheung | September 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. All I remember was constantly roasting Joe over and over during that session.

    Comment by direntropy | September 17, 2009 | Reply

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