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Hey guys,

So with a lot of the founding members of refresh gone this past year, a lot of people are stepping up to take up creative and administrative responsibilities this upcoming ’09-’10 season. I’m real proud of where we’ve come these four years, and I’m looking forward to see what you guys can grow into this year.

Since a lot of people will be trying out new artistic roles, whether it be choreography, transitions, or creating a set from all it’s parts. I’ll be happy to give advice to anyone who wants to talk about it, but I’ll also keep being active on the blog. Like now. SoReal (who is from Texas, in case anyone forgot), recently competed in Body Rock, which is one of the biggest competitions in Cali. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from watching all the different crews competing in Body Rock, from The Camp to Choreocookies, Poreotics to Jabbawockeez. Obviously, this was a big milestone for SoReal, now that they’ve been on ABDC and have gotten their name out there. They had a lot to live up to, and prepared like crazy for it.

They posted a fantastic pair of videos on their youtube, documenting the development of their set from the first artistic thoughts to the last minute performance prep. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s gonna be dancing in a group this year, no matter where.

So without further ado, I present to you, SoReal Cru – The Home Team.


September 15, 2009 - Posted by | Community, Other, Tutorials

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  1. HAI2U ALL

    Might have to show that to some of the people here… Sets are all too simplistic, and they’re proud that they put together dance performances in 3 days… Yes, 3 days. Yes, it’s new material. Yes, it makes the Holocaust look like a picnic. Okay, that was an insensitive exaggeration. Sue me, bitchez!!

    Thanks for the post good sir!

    Comment by 2chix1cup | September 15, 2009 | Reply

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