ReFresH Dance

Dance Marathon comes to an end!

Congrats to Matt, Val, John, Debbie, Vania, Erin, Mike, Claudia, Chris!!!

For dancing for the last 30 hours! Whoo!

In a wiser moment, Matt decided against eating ramen, kimchi, and beer ALL AT ONCE as soon as he got back to his apartment (although we were worried that he’d fall asleep in the shower). Many were tired, but none were defeated (except maybe Mike Huang who fell asleep standing up). I on the other hand, am only 9 hours short of having been awake for 30 hours straight as I woke up at 7 am to do the DM show. When we came to dance everyone was pretty pooped and we heard that most people were really tired out through the middle parts (except for Erin who apparently kept going strong and jumping around for the entire 30 hours). Props to Yoon Hee for baking goods and driving people around, while being super exhausted. Props to Alan for totally scratching his solo because of the zombie crowd and coming up with big moves on the spot. Props to Jeff Shih for his DBZ bedhead. Matt, Dwu, and I made a new joke, but I already forgot what it was… something to do with the bathroom lines at DM and the guys being really quick.

While the dancers were dancing for 30 hours I got the following accomplished:

7-9:30 pm – AAIV Focus
9:30-11:30 – emails, talked to mom for 30 min, planned out future
11:30-2:30 am – making the care packages (writing all our inside jokes on 16 oranges and 8 bananas) + 1 game of halo (+2 spread baby)
2:30 am – 4 am lying in bed for 30 min periods and watching the simpsons movie when I couldn’t sleep
4-7 – sleep
7-9 – get ready, go to DM, deliver care packages, perform and rip off shirt, come back
9-10 – sit around watching tv and lazing about the RFH apartment
10-12 – taught my piece to the other Kevin (Thanks for coming!), learned how painful tutting is through Nick’s piece
12-1:30 pm – lunch at chipotle and walking back up north
1:30-2:30 – downtime to clean up room, relax
2:30-6 – working on project with Kurt, we got some good results yeah!
6-7 – dinner at sargent
7-midnight – was a blur, I know I started to feel all that tabasco sauce I ate at chipotle earlier. I remember playing the guitar and writing a song, working on my choreography and how I’m gonna teach Wed, but I have no idea where the rest of those 5 hours went. *sigh* too much of my time gets taken up that way.
midnight – 1am – got ready to go meet the dancers. Got driven by Yoon Hee (thanks!) to norris. And that was my 30 hours.


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