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K-Cheung Reminiscing pt 2: That guy on FB

I remember seeing a facebook group about breakdancing and the creator was this freshman named Matt Chia who was doing an invert in his profile pic. I sent him this exact message through FB:

subject: yo
September 27 at 12:15am
nice skillz, i assume you tore it up at the fling judgin by the facebook group you made.
Regardless, im interested in seein wut you’re doing, I know a few other bboys on campus and i could let them know wuts up.
let me know wuts up.

I’m ashamed of the way I talked looking back… “nice skillz”… what was I thinking? Apparently, I hated the letter “g” and “h” also. *sigh* anyway…

The first time I showed up to those dance sessions at 3 (we did not have a name yet), I remember being dressed up for some reason. If I recall correctly, we basically had a big cypher that first time and we all got to show off our skillz… er skills… sorry about that. I had always considered myself primarily a break dancer, but apparently, my popping was better and I became known as one of the poppers. This identity would stick with me well into my junior year, when I remember someone saying to me, “man you’ve been working on breakin a lot these days” and at the time I thought to myself “That’s what I always do.” XD

My first meetings are all a jumble, I vaguely remember introducing myself to Matt, but I have no idea how I met Valerie, Jon Chou, Mike Han, Dennis Kwon (come back Dennis!), or any of the others for that matter. We were more diverse back then too I think. We had a whopping 1 whole black person (Dave Baylor + Travis = 1 black guy + 1/2 white + 1/2 asian) and Alex Carter repping the white people. For me I stuck around, because I liked to dance and I had never really had a group of people I could do it with and learn with. When I think back then, what were we? Just a group of people that liked to get together and dance. Celebrasia, much less performing in general, wasn’t even on the radar. We didn’t even have a name for ourselves or any reputation on campus. We were a handful of Asians and a few others that met fridays (only fridays!) 3-6 at Blom to dance. And so my adventures with pre-ReFresH ReFresH began.

The first issue we faced was coming up with a name for our group. I remember the drama back then was we thought Matt was just taking his old crew’s name and using it for ours . It was something like Control Panel or something [EDIT:: In fact Matt was never part of Control Panel, he only chilled with them and also he never suggested that as a name for us]. A bunch of us were joking that if we became Control Panel, we’d change our bboy names to bboy keyboard and bboy mouse. I forget how we came up with refresh, but it stuck haha and people seemed to like it though at first I recall its reception was somewhat rocky [EDIT::Thank you Matt for filling in the details. It was in fact Matt’s idea that we be called Refresh. We also thought that was the name of his old crew. There were a lot of misunderstandings about this whole situation and in fact there still are as shown by my bad memory of events. The reason for the rocky reception was because we thought it was his old crew’s name]. Things were going chill and smooth and then Celebrasia came up…

End Part 2
Cheung out


February 15, 2009 - Posted by | Community


  1. kcheung keep writing! i love reading these 😀

    Comment by bboycloudix | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. You should eventually compile all of these things into a book or something. “ReFresH History at a Glance”!!!

    Comment by mmmfro | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. haha thanks you guys =)

    I’d love to see someone else do something similar because I know that my perspective doesn’t capture all the important elements. No one else, but Matt and Val can really talk about the huge amounts of sacrifice they have put into this group or what it’s taken for us to move from where we were to get here because they’ve been in a special position of leading and guiding us. People like Alan, Claudia and Nick can speak about what it was like to join while we were still in the growing and changing phases and what it was like to have a part of shaping the way we are now. Obviously there are many others, who can each offer something unique and we all to some extent can talk about all of these subjects.

    I speak from my perspective as someone who has been there since the beginning, yet those of you who were around know I stopped dancing my senior year. I specifically say I stopped dancing and not that I left ReFresH because I always considered myself a part even though I wasn’t able to practice or perform with everyone. And so what I offer are my musings and personal reflections on my experiences dancing (and not dancing), but being a part of this group now known as ReFresH.

    (haha this could be my prologue to the book >_<)

    Comment by dreamstatecheung | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  4. I remember the first time you stepped into Blom for ReFresH, Kevin. I think you were wearing all black, dress shirt and such. Didn’t know who you were but you just started popping. I didn’t formally meet you til maybe after that day though.

    Comment by Vpants | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Hahaha Kevin, I’ve definitely been compiling stories and history stuff about ReFresH in my head. There are just too many great stories to tell (both funny and embarrassing =) that you can’t just keep quiet about them. As one of the first new recruits for Refresh, I definitely never saw myself so involved in the group 4 years later… and to see how much its changed since we started, really cool to be part of all that.

    Comment by acyan | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. Wow. So I wasn’t the only one who joined ReFresH all because of a facebook group. I remember Dwu sent me a message inviting me to come out after I joined the group.

    I remember seeing Dwu doing a one-handed freeze in his profile pic, which I thought was really sick at the time. I also saw Matt Chia doing a side-freeze, which I thought was crazy too.

    Lol at bboy keyboard and bboy mouse.

    Comment by joefasho | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  7. No, I definitely did NOT suggest Control Panel as our name. Control Panel was the crew I used to chill with back home, but was NOT a part of. When I first suggested “refresh” people made the mistaken assumption that this was the same name as my crew back home, which is clearly NOT true because a) I didn’t have a crew back home, I just chilled with em, and b) they’re not called refresh, they’re called control panel.

    KCheung, please edit your post a little.

    Comment by chiapet | February 18, 2009 | Reply

  8. See this is exactly why I tell people to jump in and fill in the stuff I mess up. For 4 years, I thought you were a part of Control Panel! and now I am free of that lie.


    Comment by dreamstatecheung | February 18, 2009 | Reply

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