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Recent Shows Since Celebrasia

ITASA 2011

KASA 2011

Mezcla 2011

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ReFresH Dance Crew @ Celebrasia 2011

High Quality Download

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In case you were wondering: 303, G6 and 808

From left to Right:

808, G6, 303

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Rhythm vs. Musicality

Even though I know that nobody really reads the RFH blog anymore, I thought I’d post this anyway for any dancer who comes across this by chance. Lately I’ve been reading up on popping/dance forums on arguments about the art of dance, and what makes it so special. I came across this video that really gave me some perspective in terms of my approach to the music. I hope anybody who reads this post can learn from it as I did.

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6-2-2010 Taeyang Night

Here’s a little slideshow/montage video of our Taeyang Night event that I made for you guys. Enjoy!

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Recent RFH Performances

Treblemakers’ Show Friday 9 pm

Deeva Show

Thus ends the shows we are doing for the year! Special thanks to Alan Lan and Jeff Shih who traveled over 5 hours and still performed with us.

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Hello Fukusaki from ReFresH Dance Crew

Presenting the finished project! Thanks everyone for being such great volunteers =) I’m going to show this video to kids in rural Japan to show them a slice of life back at home.



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UofC Panasia 2010


YoMaMa Crew

Yomama crew freestyle

Culture Shock

Phinix Crew

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Kasa Show Vlogs!

Dress Rehearsal Vlog 1

Dress Rehearsal Vlog 2

Pre Kasa Vlog

Post Kasa party Vlog

Post Kasa Cosi

Hey Can you say something into my goggles?

Post Kasa Red Mango

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Because youtube has a 10 min limit

From Hahn’s Camera

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